Research group


The research on carbon neutral renewable energy sources based upon the combination of solution processing methods, nanostructured semiconductor inorganic materials and optoelectronic device physics is a powerful interdisciplinary platform for scientific research in the 21st Century. Since the group formation in 2006, our particular interest has been the development of earth abundant and molecular based solar cells and the detailed study of the interfacial charge transfer reactions that limit the efficiency on these novel generation of solar cells.

On the other hand, we also are devoted to the development and study of novel materials for biomedical applications that advance on the application of nano-science to medicine.

Topics addressed

  • Synthesis and characterization of organic semiconductor molecules
  • Dye-sensitized solar cells
  • Perovskite solar cells


Light driven styrene epoxidation and hydrogen generation using H2O as an oxygen source in a photoelectrosynthesis cell
FarrĂ s, Pau; Di Giovanni, C; Clifford, JN; Garrido-Barros, P; Palomares, E; Llobet, A
Green Chemistry,18,1,255-260, 2016

Charge recombination losses in thiophene-substituted porphyrin dye-sensitized solar cells
Arrechea, Susana; Clifford, John N; PellejĂ , Laia; Aljarilla, Ana; de la Cruz, Pilar; Palomares, Emilio; Langa, Fernando
Dyes and Pigments,126,.147-153,2016

Decreasing charge losses in perovskite solar cells through mp-TiO2/MAPI interface engineering
Marin-Beloqui, Jose Manuel; Lanzetta, Luis; Palomares, Emilio
Chemistry of Materials,28,1,207-213,2016