Research group


Our group develops a project aimed to merge concepts at the edge of the fields of solar fuels production and catalytic transformation facilitated by coordination complexes to perform new light-driven catalytic transformations of organic substrates. This project may open newer and greener avenues toward the application of artificial photosynthetic schemes in catalytic transformations of organic molecules of added value. The high throughput experimental techniques available in the CELLEX-ICIQ HTE Laboratory will be central to achieve the desired catalytic transformations.

Topics addressed

  • Solar fuels production
  • Light-driven catalytic transformations of organic substrates


“Evidence for an Oxygen Evolving Iron-Oxo-Cerium Intermediate in Iron-Catalysed Water Oxidation”
Nature Commun. (2015), 6, 5865
Z. Godola, L. GĂłmez, S. T. Kleespies, L. Que Jr, M. Costas, J. Lloret-Fillol