Research group


The Muñiz group devotes efforts to develop sustainable synthetic methodology for advanced oxidative transformation of organic molecules. For 2016, work in this area has provided new transformations that are based on molecular iodine reagents and catalysts and which include pioneering examples of enantioselective alkene oxidations under intermolecular reaction control.

Topics addressed

  • Iodine(I/III)-Catalysed dioxygenation of styrenes
  • Iodine-mediated C-H amination
  • Palladium catalysed amination reactions.


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S. Haubenreisser, T. H. Wöste, C. Martínez, K. Ishihara, K. Muñiz

“Enantioselective Vicinal Diacetoxylation of Alkenes under Chiral Iodine(III) Catalysis“
Synthesis 2016, 48, 816
T. H. Wöste, K. Muñiz

“Substitution Effects of Hypervalent Iodine(III) Reagents in the Diamination of Styrene “
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R. M. Romero, J. A. Souto, K. Muñiz