Research group


The group’s research interests are broadly based on the use of enantioselective organocatalysis (which involves only organic elements in the active principle) for the preparation of chiral molecules. Our strategy relies on the combination organocatalysis and visible light photocatalysis, two powerful strategies of modern chemical research with extraordinary potential for the sustainable preparation of organic molecules. The main focus is on the discovery and mechanistic elucidation of new enantioselective organocatalytic and photochemical processes that address unsolved problems in synthetic methodology. The final aim is to develop environmentally friendly and innovative catalytic methods that can find widespread use in modern organic synthesis.

Topics addressed

  • Enantioselective Photo-organocatalysis


“Brønsted acid-catalysed conjugate addition of photochemically generated α-amino radicals to alkenylpyridines”
Chem. Commun. (2016) 52, 3520–3523
Hamish B. Hepburn, Paolo Melchiorre

“Enantioselective Organocatalytic Diels–Alder Trapping of Photochemically Generated Hydroxy o-Quinodimethanes”
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2016) 55, 3313–3317
Luca Dell’Amico, Alberto Vega-Peñaloza, Sara Cuadros, Paolo Melchiorre

“Enantioselective Vinylogous Organocascade Reactions”
Chemical Record (2016) 16, 1787–1806
Hamish B. Hepburn, Luca Dell’Amico, Paolo Melchiorre