Photophysics Unit


The Photophysics Unit is specialized in the field of material characterization. In a highly applied research level, this laboratory provides ICIQ researchers with equipment for molecular photovoltaic and organic LEDs devices characterization, such as device efficiency, stability, charge recombination processes, etc.

The main projects developed in the Photophisics Unit during 2016 are as follows:

  • Modifications in the new TAS (Transient Absorption Spectrometer) system with a time resolution of 1 ns to measure using a Xe lamp and enhance sensitivity by means of a photomultiplier.
  • Nanosecond time resolved TAS validation experiments.
  • Set up of several LED plates for photocalalytic reactions.
  • Microsecond time resolved TAS data processing software programming. Software to reduce the data quantity and facilitate the data representation without loss of resolution. The software also allows you to line up all the kinetic data got from a TAS spectrum.

Moreover, the Unit has been involved in the design of photocatalysis reaction blocks together with the High Throughput Experimentation Unit and the Mechanical Workshop.

The number of experiments in the self-service mode equipment during the last four years can be seen in the chart.