Mechanical Workshop


The mechanical workshop supports the Institute research in terms of design and fabrication of mechanical components and in terms of assembling new singular ICIQ designed measurement devices or reaction setups. Moreover, the mechanical workshop also helps in repairing and improving commercial devices.

The workshop can work with different materials (SS, Teflon, aluminium…) and can make pieces of almost any shape, helping the research groups from the most practical to the most sophisticated point of view

In 2016, the workshop increased 3D printing activities with the acquisition of a second FDM 3D printer, a selective laser sintering (SLS) printer and a 3D scanner. Now the 3D printer workshop is equipped to build almost any shape, work with different plastic materials and modify any existing piece using reverse engineering.

As can be seen in the following chart, the activity in the mechanical workshop is well consolidated and the number of fabricated pieces continues to increase.