Heterogeneous Catalysis Unit


The Unit provides support to the Institute researchers working in heterogeneous catalysis (gas phase reactions catalysed by solids). Other research lines involving solids characterization, from a chemical and a physical point of view and on-line analysis of gases also benefit from the Unit. State-of-the-art techniques for catalyst characterization and testing are available for carrying out both conventional experiments and advanced applications that are developed in collaboration with the research groups or other research units.

In 2016, an Electronic Paramagnetic Ressonance spectrometer (EPR) was incorporated in the Unit. It was successully installed and has been used to measure solid and liquid samples at room and low (liquid He and N2) temperatures and UV irradiated samples.

Both mass spectrometers to measure inline gases had a high demand. The Unit participated in the setup of an in situ X-ray diffraction measurement that required the connection of the mass spectrometer at the end of the reaction.

During 2016, the use of the physisorption/chemisorption device (Autosorb) increased by 50% compared to the previous year.

The Microactivity device has been used to run pulse chemisorption experiments.

We would like to highlight that the activity of the Unit giving support to research groups not dedicated exclusively to heterogeneous calatysis continues increasing year after year.