High Throughput Experimentation CELLEX-ICIQ Laboratory


The High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) laboratory is a facility that makes accessible to all ICIQ researchers the instrumentation and know-how to run a large number of reactions at micro-scale and analyze them in a short period of time.

The facility is set up to run different kinds of reactions in 24 or 96 well plates, including those that are air sensitive, reactions with reactive gases, photochemical reactions or reactions under pressure conditions. Moreover, the Laboratory is stocked with a large number of reagents, solvents, metals and ligands to run the reactions. All together, the library is formed by almost 800 compounds.

Regarding the analysis of the reactions, the lab is equipped with an NMR spectrometer and three chromatographs: a GC-MS-FID, a UHPLC-MS and a supercritical CO2 chromatograph with diode array or MS detector.

In 2016 the FID detector was installed in the GC-MS to be able to quantify the compounds analysed. During the last year, the Unit has enlarged the number of photochemical reactors available and two photochemical reactors to work under pressure conditions have been designed, built and tested. Also the design of the reactors to work with reactive gases (up to 20 bar) was improved.

During 2016, 270 experiments were run, with an average of 53 reactions per experiment. This means that around 14300 reactions were run and analysed in the HTE Unit in 2016. As can be seen in the charts, the number of reactions run in 2016 doubles the number of reactions run in 2015.