Chemical Reaction Technologies Unit


The Chemical Reaction Technologies Unit provides ICIQ researchers with the latest technologies related to the reaction setup and running: chemical reaction development (screening and scale up) and reactions under special conditions (high pressure, microflow, supercritical fluids, microwave…). The Unit is also in charge of special conditions labs: a clean room, a dark lab to handle photosensitive chemicals and two labs fully equipped to run reactions at high pressure. Moreover, the Unit also helps researchers in terms of complex reaction setups, specially those involving gases.

In 2016, the tendency of recent years was confirmed: the most used instrumentation in the Unit was the one related to the use of gases at high pressure conditions. Nevertheless, the Unit is in charge of 37 different devices that have to be up and running at all times.

During the last year, a new microwave reactor from Biotage was acquired. This microwave reactor differs from the other one in the Unit in the reactor volumes available, which are higher and more diverse.

In 2016, the H-Cube from Thales Nano, a flow hydrogenation reactor that generates hydrogen in situ, was also acquired.