A-Leaf: 8 milions to develop a full artificial leaf

  • A  project coordinated by Prof. José Ramón Galán-Mascarós was awarded €8m by the European Commission.

    The A-LEAF project will develop transferable technologies that will be a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. The artificial leaf will combine the expertise of ICIQ and 12 more partner institutions from 8 different countries, including leading industrial partner COVESTRO.

    The main goal of the project is to achieve direct transformation of water and CO2 into oxygen and organic matter through the action of sunlight. The organic products will the be used as fuels, extracting their stored energy and emitting the original feedstock closing an environmentally neutral cycle.

    Prof. Galán-Mascarós will collaborate with two other ICIQ Groups in this project: the teams led by Prof. López and Prof. Lloret-Fillol. With 8 million euros, A-LEAF is one of the biggest artificial photosynthesis projects ever funded by the European Commission. The project kicked-off in January 2017 and will last 48 months.