BIST: first lines of research and new director

  • The BIST team

    Lines of research

    On July 15th, the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) presented its first lines of research.

    • Big data: development of IT platforms to manage big data, incorporating new technological developments quickly and effectively.
    • Super-resolution microscopy: technological development and promotion of applications common to biology, nanomedicine and materials of super-resolution optical microscopy and electronic microscopy.
    • Graphene: applications of graphene and 2D materials (materials consisting of a single layer of atoms) in an interdisciplinary manner.
    • Chemical biology: study and understand biological problems by applying the techniques and tools of chemistry.
  • New director

    Professor Miquel A. Pericàs, group leader and ICIQ director, took over as general director of BIST in October. He succeeded Montserrat Vendrell, the first director of the organization, who moved on to take up an entrepreneurial post in the private sector. Prof. Pericàs stressed the importance of the BIST project: “BIST brings together six of the best centers in Catalonia, multiplying their capacity to promote excellence in research, new lines of multidisciplinary research, training and career support programs for researchers, and science outreach. By making significant progress in these areas, we will be doing a great service to our country.”